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Homeowner is aware that there are significant reference materials that are made available on the Proper-T-Solutions website, including free materials obtained from the Internet or other independent sources, which may include the subjects of foreclosure, short sales, bankruptcy, credit repair, selling your home, using real estate agents, etc.  Homeowner acknowledges and agrees that this information is general business/real estate information for educational purposes.  The homeowner, in his/her sole discretion, may choose to read, download, and/or act upon this information.  Homeowner acknowledges and agrees that the information contained therein is for educational purposes and are not recommendations made by to address the Homeowner’s particular circumstances.  In the event any of the material is later deemed to be outdated, inappropriate for the homeowner’s particular circumstances, or contain confusing wording or other possible wording errors made by the author, Homeowner agrees that this is not the responsibility of and promises to hold harmless for the information contained therein.  Homeowner also agrees to use caution and take personal responsibility for verifying the appropriateness of the information for their circumstances and any consequences that may arise from the use of these reference materials.

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Homeowner understands and agrees that provides information and referral services, only, to assist homeowners in foreclosure or other financial distress to better inform them in making decisions affecting the very important decision regarding their options in this matter, including whether to sell their home or not, compared to what else they might do.  Homeowner agrees that or its representatives do not have any legal or fiduciary responsibility to homeowner by virtue of providing this information to the Homeowner.  

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If Homeowner believes representatives made a confusing statement in person or on its website, or may have said something that contradicts other information, agrees that it is Homeowner’s responsibility to contact their representative to obtain clarification.  In every event, Homeowner agrees that a verbal statement should be disregarded if it contradicts written statements provided in the website, disclosure statements, or agreements between the parties. 

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In summary, the Homeowner agrees to hold harmless for inadvertent acts and other possible misstatements that are not material and paramount in inducing Homeowner to make a decision to sell his/her home to Proper-T Investment Corporation.