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Buybacks help reduce debt in Boston: We're here to help with Short Sales in Los Angeles

Is anyone out there still confused about your options to reduce your debt?

What if an organization were to buy your home from the bank and sell it back to you in Los Angeles?


Well maybe one exists!  Boston Community Capital (BCC) is one such organization that negotiates with the bank in order to help you reduce your debt.

BCC negotiated and bought Alma's home from the bank.  They then sold it back to Alma for $197,000.  Reducing her original $324,000 mortgage by 39%.  But in cities like Lynn, housing values have plummeted by as much as 72%.  A condo owner...reduced his mortgage from $186,000 to $52,000.

BCC says they help the housing market recover by stabilizing the market.  Many homes are flipped upside down and more is owed than what the property is worth.  BCC loans money out to those who may not have received any financial help, especially from judicial channels.


To partner with a Los Angeles, California, Short Sale Expert, contact us at Proper-T Solutions.  We're here to help reduce your mortgage and avoid foreclosure!  Let us help you understand how to best approach your goal of dumping your debt and/or keeping your home.

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