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San Diego home foreclosures rise

It was reported in San Diego that home foreclosures rose last month even though default notices dropped to their lowest point in over a year. Does this mean the market is stabilizing? Does this mean there are financially stable people who are able to purchase the foreclosed properties on the market?

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DataQuick reported that home foreclosures totaled 1,515 in December, up 41.9% from November and up 20.9% from a year earlier. It was the biggest stack of foreclosures since June’s 1,630. Meanwhile, notices of default, the first legal action on the road to foreclosure, dipped 11.5 % from November’s 2,122 to December’s 1,878, the smallest figure since November 2008. It was down 38.5 % year over year.

For homeowners looking to prevent foreclosure this is not a good sign, however, with a lot of foreclosed homes on the market, lenders may be willing to work with troubled homeowners to modify the terms of their loan to make them more affordable.

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