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Short Sale CA Pro Michael Hanks

Short sale CA pro Michael Hanks is the owner of Proper-T-Solutions and a retired CPA with extensive experience in real estate, budgeting and negotiating financial issues.

On a personal level, Michael also knows what it’s like to struggle financially, while maintaining a household for his family. After an 11-year battle with a life-threatening brain tumor, he realized firsthand the difficulties of managing a household budget while juggling massive medical bills on only one salary.

Thankfully, today, Michael is TUMOR free – and his desire to help other families facing similar predicaments has never been stronger. He is here to assist homeowners with their most challenging financial issues, including short sale in CA.

What Can Short Sale CA Pro Michael Hanks Do for You?

Michael and his short sale CA team will work to get you the financial help you need FOR LITTLE OR NO COST at the lowest possible price.

First, Michael will ask you to complete a financial evaluation, which will help him understand the challenges you face and allow him to recommend possible solutions. After asking you a series of questions, Michael will suggest various options, with the goal of helping you arrive at a comprehensive plan based on your circumstances and preferences. These initial plans will be discussed with you in detail. Michael will work with you to ensure the plans meet your needs and your individual situation.

Michael will include at least one back‐up plan to help ensure the best possible outcome for your situation. Back‐up plans are important because no one can be 100 percent certain that the lender will cooperate.

Next, Michael will help you assemble a team of appropriate professionals and short sale CA pros who can help you implement your plans. These teams are comprised of independent business people, each with their own special area of expertise. It’s important that you speak to your team members and ask questions before hiring them for your CA short sale. Proper-t-Solutions wants you to be completely comfortable in working with them during the process.

Proper-t-Solutions’ goal is to help you get what you want at the lowest possible price. Depending on the action plans you select, it’s quite possible the costs will be paid for by the lender and will be 100 percent free to you!

Put short sale CA pro Michael Hanks and his team to work for you! Contact Proper-T-Solutions today!