Short Sale Options

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As the U.S. economy worsens, the government is using our tax dollars to bailout the banks and credit card companies.

Where is the bailout for you, the homeowner?

With plunging property prices coupled with increasing unemployment, who can you turn to for help when money gets tight?

Loan modification ads which promise an easy fix and/or reductions to the loan principal balance might sound very compelling, but this is NOT the typical results you can expect.

In working with lenders to reduce our debt, there are just a few options :

  1. Try a loan modification, although you should know that loan mods generally do not reduce debt except in extremely rare cases.  With a sufficient hardship, however, you may be able to delay payments, albeit at the cost of piling even greater debt on the back-end of your mortgage.

  2. Hire an attorney and sue the lender if you think they violated federal or State lending laws when the loan was originated.  This could later help obtain a loan modification or short sale.

  3. DO A SHORT SALE!!! For many homeowners, this is really the best way to reduce your debt and get a fresh start.  The key issues include whether or not you QUALIFY, and getting a loss mitigation professional to help you with the process (not a real estate agent!)

Dealing direct with your lender on a loan modification?

  • In fact, it seems that lenders are only half-heartedly working with homeowners to modify their loans.
  • Approval rates are extremely low, and the time wasted during this process often creates even greater problems later on for homeowners.
  • Even if approved, payments are higher one-third of the time and an even higher percentage of these loans will default later, increasing the probability of foreclosure for homeowners.  
  • Lenders are employing techniques to meet THEIR needs while leaving you, the homeowner, disadvantaged during the process. 


The simple truth is that the lenders, with all their financial woes, are trying to get YOU to bail them out!

Homeowners are exhausted by the process lenders put them through, and many simply give up, not understanding that there is a better way!

In crisis, we often find it hard to help ourselves.  But rest assured, no matter what they might tell you, there is no law that requires you to pay on a BAD LOAN if you choose not to.

Who's to blame for the falling house prices?

Who's responsible for the increasing unemployment?

These global economic issues are NOT YOUR FAULT!

The fault lies squarely with the government and the lenders, whose policies created this false economy with all its debt and over-priced real estate.

Because the government and banks are trying to unfairly shift this debt burden onto us, each of us needs to stand-up for our rights and make sure that we CREATE the best outcome for OURSELVES and our FAMILIES.

The smart answer is to dump your debt.

To the extent that we are able to dump this debt through negotiations with the lenders, I believe that our entire nation will be better off (I explain why later in the book).

I can help if you are willing to assess your finances and want a better plan for your future -- now is the time to get real!

  • If you assess your finances and understand your available options, chances are you won’t need to consider foreclosure and bankruptcy. Other options exist that can work better for you.
  • In fact, chances are that refinancing (if it's even possible) and loan modification will saddle you with more debt, and for years to come.
  • How does that make any sense? For those of us who owe more than the house is worth, why not just get a different house!?  WE CAN SHOW YOU HOW.

To get a better understanding and resolve these issues, DOWNLOAD MY FREE BOOK.  It was written (by a CPA) to help you REDUCE YOUR DEBT and INCREASE YOUR NET WORTH.

You can use this information to RETAIN OWNERSHIP on your terms where feasible, or to BECOME A QUALIFIED BUYER AGAIN as quickly as possible.  (This course of action provides MAXIMUM BENEFITS because you will be able to take full advantage of the LOW HOUSING PRICES that exist.

That's right, you could be back in control of your finances with good credit, a lifestyle and a roof over your head.

  • This book was written to help you understand what your options are.
  • The recommendations are practical and do-able, reflecting sound economics.
  • The information will EMPOWER YOU TO WIN in this important struggle with the lender.

And the cost? Nothing. Not a cent in most cases. It is quite possible that all the services I recommend will be paid for by the lender and will be 100% FREE TO YOU!

Of course, the REAL proof will be when YOU read the book and use the information and tools to help YOU and your FAMILY.

Still skeptical? I don't blame you. If you have questions, feel free to contact us at 1-888-RE Help 9, or for a confidential chat, or for a free evaluation with no obligation whatsoever.